Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Me and Cavi

My 2000 Cavalier and I have been through quite a lot this year.

On St. Patrick's Day, I left my windows rolled down (It was in the 70s or 80s and sunny) while my sister and I went to visit a friend's mom in the hospital. While there, it started raining. We came home, ran inside while it was still raining. Around 9pm that night, I was getting ready to leave to meet Chris and I got in my car. The seats were soaked. I had to go back inside and change my pants and then borrow my parents car. It took a couple days to dry that out. And it smelled.

At some point this year, my air conditioner died. This wasn't a big deal until the temps got into the upper 90s and 100s and I was driving back and forth every weekend to St. Louis. It was HOT. At one point, I started bringing a change of clothes to put on when I got where I was going because my clothes were soaked with sweat. Attractive, right? Eventually, we got it fixed, just in time for a couple more weeks of 90-degree temps before things started cooling off around here.

The end of August/ early September was a gigantic pain in the ass. The alternator belt broke. Went and got that fixed. The very next weekend, I blew a tire. I went to get that fixed and they "fixed" the belt again. Go figure. So I had to eventually get a refund (after I got a new debit card, since my debit card number had been stolen). Not long after that, I locked myself out of my car after class one night. My dad had the spare St. Louis. Locksmiths were a joke. One never answered though they claim to have 24-hour service. The other told me I could only pay with cash, and since I didn't have a debit card, that was out of the question. It literally took almost all night, but we finally broke into my car. Poor Cavi suffered some damage though. Cracked the windshield. Effed up the top of the passenger door. Bent the antenna.

When I went to have my car looked at and all that jazz, I found out I need new breaks and the motor mount was messed up. Most recently, my headlights have started acting up. I thought maybe they burnt out, but it would be weird for both to burn out at the same time. I have learned though, that I just need to hold the switch in place for what seems to be about 20 minutes or so, and then they stay on by themselves. Luckily, it's getting lighter earlier in the morning now, so I don't have to use my lights for the majority of my drive to work like I had to before. But now, it also gets dark earlier, so instead of needing my lights at the very end of my drive home after work, I need them almost the entire time. Lucky me.

So, as I said in my last post, I'm getting a new car this Saturday! It's a 2009 Subaru Impreza. It's silver. And the radio is a touch screen. Sweet. And immediately after I texted my sister to tell her what kind of car it was, we both quoted Due Date: "Guess who's got the Subaru Impreza." We are hilarious.