Monday, September 3, 2012

Zucchini Lasagna

Gigantic zucchini
Tonight, Kirsten and I attempted Zucchini Lasagna (recipe from We made a  few modifications of our own. First problem: oversized zucchini. It was extremely difficult to cut. So rather than cutting it into 1/8 strips, we just sliced the monster in to rounds instead. We also didn't add all the veggies from their recipe to the meat sauce.

Zucchini fresh out of the oven
Instead, we used spinach, broccoli, onions, and carrots. So the meat sauce consisted of: Prego meat sauce, ground turkey, and all of those yummy veggies. We cooked the zucchini slices in the oven and mixed all the veggies, meat, and sauce, and made the cheese mix of cottage and parmesan cheese. It took forever to get everything ready. And once it was all assembled, it had to bake for 50 minutes. So long. The end result was not necessarily the prettiest thing in the world, but it tasted fantastic. I'm really enjoying finding new ways to incorporate vegetables into my meals. Even if I had just made regular spaghetti or something, I really like the idea of adding all of those veggies to the sauce.

Meat/veggie sauce
Cottage and parmesan cheese

Tomorrow I plan on making a spaghetti squash, although I'm not sure what kind of sauce I'll use since I used my last jar of pre go on the lasagna tonight. I'm also learning to love ground turkey, and I'm getting pretty good at cooking it (not that it's all that different from ground beef, but remember I'm a terrible cook.

Back to the lasagna. It was delicious (although I'm pretty sure my mom could do a way better job lol). The prep/cook time was a little bit too long for me. And there was an excessive amount of dishes. Although I think now that I know what I'm doing, it might help cut down on prep time a tad. I can only hope.

The end result: delicious
How was everyone's weekend? Mine was really good. I spent Friday night with my parents eating White Castle and popcorn and watching Lifetime movies. Saturday I went to the Apple store and walked out with my brand new Macbook Air! I was so happy! I also found a really cute dress to wear to the wedding Chris and I are going to in October. Can't wait to buy it! My lack of a debit card is making things quite difficult. Saturday night I was pretty lame. I did homework, watched Toy Story, and then went to bed. Sunday my mom made delicious biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I went to dinner at Olive Garden with Kirsten and a few of our friends who were in town and then we watched The Princess and the Frog and then 10 Things I Hate About You. It was a pretty good night and a really good weekend. I hope you all had one just as good, or better :)