Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The past couple days have kind of sucked as far as exercise goes. I spent my day off yesterday doing homework. A lot of homework. By the time I had gotten most of it done, I felt like crap. So I figured I'd wait until today to go for a run since it's my usual run day anyway. Well, I didn't do that either. I've had a headache most of the day along with a stomach ache and back pain. Rather than going for a run after work, I went to bed instead.

My dinner was far from healthy. I had planned to cook a spaghetti squash. I was not up for cooking at all tonight though. So I had pizza rolls instead. And oreos for dessert. I'm officially out of milk now. I had a really healthy lunch today though . . . at 3:30 this afternoon. I had training during the time I normally eat my lunch. Lunch was a banana, an apple, and leftover zucchini lasagna. Not bad reheated. I'm not sure if the original recipe says to cut the skin off the zucchini or not, but I'm thinking we should have. It was kind of tough, and a little sharp feeling too. Also, I'm not sure if it says to deseed them or not, but I'm we probably should have done that too. Not that it's a big deal and the seeds aren't edible. They just looked kind of weird and had a weird texture and all that. They would definitely be better roasted in the oven like pumpkin seeds. Glad it's about that time of year! Can't wait to make those.

Since I haven't worked out since last week technically, my plan is to try to squeeze in some form of a workout in before my class tomorrow night. I'm going to try to head over to the gym. I know on my "off days" I need to be strength training and cross training and stuff, but I really, really hate doing that stuff. I'm not a fan of lifting weights, or doing the elliptical machine, or riding a stationary bike, etc. I would rather be running. Or just walking. Walking counts as cross training, right?

The rest of my night will be spent doing research/making a presentation on Nathaniel Hawthorne for my class next Wednesday night. I should probably start re-reading The Scarlet Letter as well. I have to write a paper on it in a couple weeks. Trying to decide what topics/issues I want to write about. In my spare time (or just when I get bored with doing homework) I'm going to try to start working on writing some poetry, and maybe give fiction a shot. Maybe. Writing stories is hard. I need to reconnect with my childhood imagination and come up with some good ideas. What's the best way to do that? Eat dinosaur chicken nuggets and M&M sundaes from Doozles? Maybe not. But it's worth a try :)