Friday, September 21, 2012

Almost time for Chicago!

Last night was . . . busy? I don't know. I got home, wiped my ipod completely clean so I could spend most of my evening re-adding everything. That was fun. But now it's ready to go for our roadtrip to Chicago this weekend, so I guess it worked out. In the middle of all that, I worked out. It wasn't a long one, but it was a really good one.

Although I'm not sure that I was doing all of the exercises correctly. And there was one I didn't do at all because I had no idea how to do it. But everything else was great--push-ups, planks, squats, reverse crunches, etc. My legs were already sore yesterday from my run the day before (ugh, yes, it's been that long) and they are even more sore today from all those squats. But I love that feeling. I don't feel like I got the best ab workout though, so I think I might add a few other ab exercises to it. Otherwise, it was good. My arms are pretty sore today as well.

I did not eat healthy last night as I should have. Kirsten and I decided fried pickles from Bel Air sounded better, so we went there instead of cooking at home. In addition to the wonderfully delicious fried pickles, I had a grilled cheese (I've been craving one all week) with swiss and american cheese and some fries. Kirsten had some delicious chicken tacos with chips and salsa. While we ate, we "watched" football and should have counted how many times the announcers said "Cam Newton." It was irritating.

After we got back, I had many good intentions of packing and writing my paper. I eventually got around to packing. Writing that paper? Not so much. So I'm going to work on that tonight and hopefully get most of it done so I don't have as much to do over the weekend or on Monday and Tuesday next week.

As far as workouts go this weekend, well, there probably won't be any. Although we will probably do quite a bit of walking, especially at Navy Pier, so we'll go ahead and count that as my exercise for the weekend. Even though most of what we eat will not be healthy. I can't wait for pizza!!!! :)

I'm still not sure whether we're leaving at 6am or getting up at 6. Either way, it's too early lol. But I'll have some Chobani for breakfast, and we'll be stopping at Starbucks on our way out of town so that should help. Tonight we'll be going to Schnucks to get some snacks for the trip (gonna try for healthy stuff . . . we'll see how that goes).

Before I leave you all for the weekend, please pray for the family and friends of Meghan Herndon. You can watch the news story/read about it here or here. Thank you, and have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone!