Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lunchtime Special

Leftover Imo's! All on a nice little plate, thanks to my boyfriend. He's so thoughtful :) And I've totally been slacking on posts lately. My apologies. Work has been crazy busy and I've had a lot of homework to do, especially to get ready for my presentation tonight on Nathaniel Hawthorne (wish me luck!) which will not be as humorous as I had hoped because I can't find the video I wanted to use.

I've also slacked in the exercise department too. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, and by the time I get all my other work done, I'm exhausted. As far as eating goes . . . well I haven't had much of an appetite lately, so I guess I'm eating fairly healthy. Minus the Imo's from last night, and a snickers bar.

I have a plan though. Sort of. Ok, I don't have a plan at all. But I have thoughts that somehow work themselves into plans sometimes . . . Anyway. I am going to try to go for a run or two this weekend since I don't have a lot going on, and I don't have quite as much homework for next week. I also plan to go grocery shopping and get some more Chobani and some veggies and milk. I seem to be running out of milk fast lately. Which sucks because I know if I buy a whole gallon of milk, I won't use it all and it will go bad. I had planned on cooking my spaghetti squash on Sunday. That didn't happen. I alternated between napping and doing homework all day. I wasn't feeling too good.

Random thoughts for the day: There are some really strange people on this campus. Does anyone else notice that smell when people walk in after being outside for a while when it's hot/warmish? I hate that smell. I haven't gotten to listen to Yellowcard's new album in its entirety, but the few songs I have listened to are pretty good. Thanks to my good friend Adam for always supplying me with good music :)

Possibly a post later tonight after my class--especially if I tank my presentation . . .