Friday, September 14, 2012

Jimmy John's: I will love you forever.

Here we are again. Lunchtime. And mine was delicious. Turkey Tom lettuce wrap from Jimmy John's. And a pickle. Yes, a whole pickle. I had them cut it into fourths though to avoid awkward stares from my interns. I am also considering a candy bar later. Because that just sounds good.

If you guessed that I didn't work out last night, you guessed right. I did, however, get homework done. Not all of it, but a significant chunk of it. And then I fell asleep with a terrible headache. Shocking, I know. I should probably see a doctor. Eventually. And I had 3 oreos while waiting for Chris to get there so we could get dinner. I was hungry. We got Applebee's--half-price appetizers! Unfortunately my cheese quesadilla was filled with bacon instead of pico. I was extremely disappointed. Not that I hate bacon. Bacon is good. I don't like it when it just shows up in my quesadilla unexpectedly though. Good thing I'm not a vegetarian or anything.

After dinner we watched The Fox and the Hound. I forgot how much I love/hate that movie. Seriously, it is so adorable and horribly sad all at once. Disney can be so cruel. Although I seem to have become a major cryer lately, and I cry during just about every movie I watch. Weird. I have found that the cure to this is chocolate. Or ice cream. Or both.

Speaking of Disney, Finding Nemo in 3-D is now in theaters!!!!! I have been waiting for this for so long! Chris and I are going to see it on Tuesday night (and hope there aren't a lot of obnoxious kids there). They should have separate theaters-- one for people with kids going to watch Disney movies, and another for adults that are still kids themselves, thus they don't want to listen to a ton of whiney children who can't appreciate the cinematic perfection that is Pixar. Kids these days. Ugh.

After work today I'll probably be getting some Starbucks because I didn't sleep one bit last night, and then I'll be driving to St. Louis. Gotta get laundry and homework done and we're going to see Killer Me Killer You at Pop's tomorrow night. Love them!

Happy, happy Friday! :)