Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great weekend for great music

I haven't posted anything in a few days. Woops. Busy weekend. And I had a lot of homework to do on Sunday, and I wasn't feeling well. My busy weekend was also a pretty good one though.

Chris and I went to see The Campaign Friday night. The movie started at 11:50 or something ridiculously late. It was pretty good though. On Saturday, I sat around most of the morning doing laundry and a whole lot of nothing. Seriously, I could have been doing homework, and probably should have. But I didn't. Oh well. Then my dad and I went to see my Uncle Jay and look at cars (I hope to be getting something new in the near-ish future) and so my dad could buy cigars. After that, we stopped by my grandma and grandpa's house. Grandpa was already in his chair for his "afternoon nap" but we bugged him anyway. Then we took Grandma to lunch because unlike Grandpa who eats lunch at 10:30am, she hadn't had lunch yet.

So the three of us went to Henke's Tavern in Florissant for some deliciously greasy hamburgers and fries (did I mention I didn't eat very healthy this weekend?). Grandma and I had a couple beers and they tasted pretty darn good. That's one of my favorite places to go when I'm in town. We know everyone who works there, and most of the people that go there and it's always fun. Plus it's nice to get a delicious cheeseburger and cheese fries now and then. :)

Later that evening, Chris and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. Lucky for us, we got sat near a table of teenagers going to homecoming. Oh boy. We got stiffed on breadsticks because those kids ate a ton of them because apparently none of them have jobs to pay for their own shit. Also, once they got their checks, they took their bills to their mommies sitting at another table so that their moms could pay for their dinner. Seriously. When I  was in high school, if I needed money for something like that, they'd give me a $20 and I was on my merry little way. Kids these days. Also, holy short dresses batman! Pretty sure most of those girls' dresses barely covered their hoohas. Sheesh.

Anyhoo, after dinner we went out to Pop's to see Killer Me, Killer You (and some other bands). The first band was not so great. Pretty sure it was City Avenue, and they just sounded a little off-key at times and stuff. Apparently they are on Spotify though, and so I'm guessing they probably sound better recorded than live. Next up was Five Fold. I couldn't make up my mind about them. Some of their stuff was really good, and others were just okay. They'd probably be one of those bands where I'd buy a song or two that I liked, but wouldn't pay for the entire album.

Finally, Killer Me Killer You came on and they were spectacular as always. And they played their cover of "Take Me Home Tonight" which I'm pretty sure everyone loves. They've played it at every show I've been to. They're fantastic live and possibly one of my new favorite bands.

After they were done, we left. Partly because we were exhausted and partly because I'm not a huge Brook Royal fan. The drive home SUCKED. They're doing some serious road construction on 70 in TWO different places. So almost immediately after we got onto 70, we were at a dead stop. They had the freaking highway down to ONE LANE for construction. Once we got out of that mess, everything was fine, until we got to St. Charles. They're in the process of getting the bridge ready for construction which means screwing up all the lanes and whatnot. So that took forever as well. Yuck.

Sunday morning Chris's mom made us chocolate chip pancakes. They were delicious. I also had some strawberry banana Chobani (that was probably the healthiest thing I had all weekend). After that, I went home (felt like crap, as usual) and laid in bed all day to finish reading The Scarlet Letter. It was better than I remember. I'm sure I'm one of very few who love that book, but I do! It's so fantastic. Now I just need to figure out a topic for my paper . . .

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! More later (maybe)!

PS if you're in St. Louis and wanna go to the Cards game against the Astros tonight, you totally should. It's Johnny Venus night! Check out this video and go go go!