Thursday, July 25, 2013

Crazy Weather Lately

No, seriously. This is what happened to the tree next to our house Saturday:

Struck by lightning. 

I was at home sick, so Copper and I were taking a nap when the lightning strike woke us up. I didn't know until the next morning what exactly had happened though. The power flickered a few times, the tv and internet went out several times. And then last night after a thunderstorm, the temperature dropped and I was actually cold when I took Copper outside. 

Speaking of Copper, not only is she already awesome at her regular high-fives, but now she's giving double!

Crazy eye. 

And the other day she stood on her hind legs for several seconds. She's almost as tall as me when she does that!

In other news, the bugs are almost gone I think!! I've only seen a few so far this week and most have been really small. I'm so thankful. Dealing with them has been a nightmare. 

Also, I finally finished American Psycho. It was pretty good, but it just sort of ended. There wasn't some big event or any real resolution. I think I'm going to watch the movie this weekend to see how it compares. 

In the meantime, I've started The Great Gatsby. I've read it before but it was back in high school and I feel the need to reread some of those books because I think I'll appreciate them more now than I did then and probably get more out of them. So, yay for finally being onto Book 6!