Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

How was everyone's Memorial Day? Mine was pretty busy, but it was good. We stayed with my parents. Copper had a blast running around like a mad dog in their back yard. Saturday night we went to Gettemeier's with my sister for a few beers since we hadn't done that since she turned 21. We had a good time.

Sunday breakfast was delicious, as expected. Biscuits and gravy and fried eggs and some fruit salad. I was going to try to go for a run on Sunday but I was exhausted, so we were lazy and napped for a while before we got ready to go to a graduation party. I got to see my best friend, Dani, who I haven't seen in far too long. We didn't get to spend a whole lot of time together, but it was fun. After that we went back to my parents' to watch a movie.

I finally went for a run on Monday. It wasn't a great run, but I got out there and did it (or tried anyway). And, I even read a little more in American Psycho! Not much, but I'm getting there. I'll finish it eventually. :)

We had ribs for dinner that night and they were delicious. Someone fell asleep on the way home:

Copper was a sleepy puppy after a nice long weekend
of running free in a nice big backyard :)

We got home (a little earlier than we expected!) and it seems like it took forever to unpack. I hate packing/unpacking. Once we were finally finished with that we sat down to relax and watch a movie. Copper passed out on the couch. I kept hearing a noise, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Eventually, I realized it was the cat scratching at the door--she wanted to come out! So I cracked the door open for her and she came out to explore. She even walked right up to Copper since she was asleep and all, but she moved and scared Cocoa off.

Look who came out to explore!

Copper has gotten a little braver every day and the other day they were growling/hissing/barking at each other from opposite ends of the hallway:

Demon kitty trying to scare Copper. 

Cocoa is slowly becoming more tolerable of Copper. Today she let Copper in the room (I was holding Cocoa though) and she didn't growl or hiss at her--until Copper started eating the cat's food. Kitty didn't like that. 

Friday night we're going to dinner and then the Cards game with my parents. And it's a fireworks night after the game--my favorite! :)