Friday, March 8, 2013


So I was a slacker and didn't go workout today. I had every intention to, but my stomach has been a wreck all day which can make for pretty miserable workouts. Plus, I read somewhere that you're not supposed to exercise if you haven't had enough sleep (can't remember how much is "enough") and I'm exhausted. I think at this point any exercise would just make that worse rather than giving me a boost of energy.

Now on to the fun stuff:
Jan Morrill's book The Red Kimono just came out. I can't wait for the summer so I can read it! She was one of the contributors to our book Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors and she came all the way from Arkansas for both of our readings (one in STL and one here in Cape). And she's super nice! I'm sure this book will be fabulous.

Me and my boss with Jan's book--isn't that cover gorgeous?!

In other book news, we sent our forthcoming book The Execution of Richard Sturgis, As Told By His Son, Colin to the printer this week. It will be available in May. I can't wait to see the finished product!

We also got some sample books from a printer in Illinois who wants our business. Their books are all really nice. And my boss gave me one of them--knowing I'm a Cards fan and all. The forward was written by Stan Musial, so I thought that was kinda cool. I can't wait to read this one as well (although I'm sure Chris will get to it before I do).

Free books is probably the best perk of my job. 
It's Friday, which means no meat. And I polished off the rest of the jelly for my pbj in yesterday's lunch. So I treated myself to Jimmy John's today and got the tuna sandwich. I've never had it before, but it's really good! 

Remember how I said I'm exhausted? Well, I have this little doll to thank for that:

I swear she has an alarm clock in her kennel...
Up at 4:30 this morning. And since I didn't want to risk getting dog pee on my face again this week, I got up to let her out. 

That's all I've got for ya this week. I've got plenty of homework to keep me busy this weekend to prep for midterms. Yay. Have a good one everybody!

P.S. Don't forget to head over to Amazon and buy The Red Kimono!