Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our Big Move!

I know, I know, it's be a while. I promised after the wedding/honeymoon I would write more. And I just haven't. It's really just pure laziness on my part. But also enjoying married life and time with family and friends. Because just a few days ago, we moved from St. Louis to Dallas, Texas!

It all happened really fast. It wasn't a huge surprise, at least not for me. Chris had several job offers in a couple different states, so it was really just a matter of time before we moved. We just weren't sure when or where it would be. It turned out that Texas offered Chris the best opportunity for further advancement. So we made our decision and then told our families...on Thanksgiving. It was not well received by everyone. Especially since we would be moving in just two short weeks from that day and would not be home for Christmas. A couple people even thought we were going to announce that we were pregnant--HA.

I think eventually everyone came around to the idea and we all started to get excited, and I started to get extremely stressed. Up until a couple days before we actually moved, we still hadn't nailed down a place to live. I was so stressed that I ended up having to go see my dentist because I had been having severe jaw pain. He said it was definitely just stress and prescribed me a muscle relaxer. He called a couple days later to see how I was doing--better, but still sore. He said normally once his patients start feeling relief, he takes them off the muscle relaxer, but given the amount of stress I was under, and would be under for at least another week or so, he advised me to take it for the full two weeks.

Thankfully, two days after the move, my jaw pain is completely gone. All my stress now is about where to put all our stuff. Most of our big furniture (stuff that we may want later on down the road) is in a storage unit back home. But we ambitiously brought quite a bit with us. And although our apartment is a 2-bedroom, we really have less space than we thought we would (that's what happens when you have to lease an apartment sight-unseen).

Overall, I think we ended up in a good location. We're just a couple miles from Parkland Memorial Hospital (because we all know how accident-prone I am) and we're very, very close to Love Field airport. So it's LOUD. It's definitely been an adjustment for all of us. I think Copper is enjoying all the walks she gets to go on now, and I'm enjoying the exercise!

We've still got some unpacking to do--mostly decorations and such that will need to be hung on the walls somewhere. Once we get some more of these boxes out of here, I'll post pictures! :)