Monday, April 15, 2013


Sorry I've been M.I.A. for over a week now. I've got three weeks of school left (yay!) and a lot to get done in that short amount of time (boo!). So you may not hear from me again until after finals.

Aside from school (which isn't going too badly, just lots and lots of work), things are going pretty well lately. We had a good weekend.

Oh and last Tuesday was day 30 of being gluten-free, and also the last. Chris talked me into going to Buffalo Wild Wings that night, so I got the pepperjack steak wrap and had a beer. I didn't eat most of it--we had an appetizer too so I got full pretty quick (and I wanted to finish my beer since you can't take those to-go lol).

I've been eating foods with gluten in them since then and I haven't noticed a big difference, except that I'm definitely not eating as healthy (which makes Chris happy). I talked to my mom over the weekend and she agreed with what I had said previously--that most people who have a gluten allergy and go gluten-free notice major differences almost immediately. And it made me feel better that she's heard that too and I didn't just imagine it!

My next step is to try fiber pills I think. Apparently fiber just kinda works in whatever way your body needs it to. So I'm gonna give those a shot for a while and see how that goes. I really can't afford to go to the doctor right now anyway, so I'll just keep experimenting and see what happens.

Chris and I are house-hunting again. We probably won't be moving until after our lease is up in October, but we're starting to look anyway, just in case we find something really great. We're looking to rent a house (or townhouse) in the Arnold area mainly so Copper has a fenced-in yard. Arnold will only add five or ten more minutes to my drive depending on how far away from the highway we are and I can stay on one main highway the entire way. Highway 32 sucks, especially at night when the weather is bad (like it was last week).

Copper got some new toys this weekend and she destroyed a couple others including her tennis ball :(

We got her a tire/rope and she really likes it :)

You can see the tire/rope better, but she has
crazy eyes in this one lol. RIP tennis ball.

And this is a random picture of the cat that's
always outside my office--I like to text Chris
pictures of it and tell him I'm going to bring it
home because Copper needs a friend hehe :)
Most of my free time over the next couple weeks will be spent on homework, so you may not hear from me again until May! I'll try to post again soon though :)